Philtrum poems

I am happy to say that I will be sending one of two “Philtrum” poems for Shawsheen Memorial Broom Society to Richard Krawiec for Jacar.  I asked the editor if it was okay if I sent love poems, and he said fine, as long as they are not too Tin Pan Alley.

as in: 


No secret that I adore the Philtrum of my Thing, and I went searching for a Philtrum Lovers group I could  join,  and I happened upon this blog about elevation of the Philtrum

written by one Matthew Dicks, now one of my Facebook friends, as I must be friends with anyone who Loves Philtrums as much or more than I do.


I wrote my two Philtrum poems for my Thing  –in text messages to him, as I am quite the admirer of his Philtrum, and it is visible below:  Maybe you can understand why I love his Philtrum so much (I stare at it for hours, as  he knows because I have told him just how irresistible his Philtrum is –at least for me! He is also my primary collaborator, by the way. And I Love him so very much!

b's philtrum-02

My two Shawsheen Memorial Broom Society Poems  about My Thing’s  wonderful Philtrum are: 

Shawsheen Standard Equipment Fuses




Shawsheen Philtrum Temptation




and one of these should appear soon in Jacar.


Still in Love

Sent more poems from the collection to Vassar College where I did something considered remarkable, gave the Elizabeth Bishop Lecture a few years ago, and I built a website for this visit, “The MidHudson Taffy Company” 


When I returned home, I converted the entire lecture into sound sculpture which may be heard here 


and here.


I was delighted by every aspect of that happening, that event.  Piughkeepsie will never be the same.

Two album covers for the sound sculpture


and my Thing even has a quote pin this website; I put it there, before Mr. Holman and I became involved.  I used to tease him about visiting the  the Taffy website, and his quote is on this page of the Taffy website 


My son was there and everything, so good for him to see his mama in this  context: ANSTED AND THYLIAS READING IN CHCAGO Continue reading “Still in Love”