Progress; much progress.

First of all, it gives  me much pleasure to announce that “SHAWSHEEN MILKWEED ETERNAL ONE-TAKE HARVEST” a poem from this collection, yes, a poem for and about my thing as listed on the cover, Mr. Bob Holman, is going to be published in Vassar Literary Review! this poem was written to him, in text messages,


–and Vassar has also requested high resolution versions of my graphic poems. I hope to be able to send these very soon!


I and Limited Fork Theory  have a very special relationship with Vassar College 

on account of my  giving the Elizabeth Bishop lecture there in 2009, a triumph of Limited Fork Theory to be dedicated to the visit and I made  a whole website  the entire Vassar Community’s receptiveness to it, how moving the vent was and a triumph to what can happen when we are willing to approach art with fear:

The MidHudson Taffy Company“. my son was there to see the entire event unfold!




IMG_0930Facebook, Uncle sam Bob




New Publication

Many of you may know that I Love my primary Collaborator,Mr. Bob Holman,

but you have no ides how much I love this man, and Always will.


IMG_5321Well,  the exciting news is that  poem I wrote for him in response to an announcement he made in his role as a promoter, my poem: “Ready to Be Rocked in Shawsheenis soon be published in South Florida Poetry Journal


I am especially glad to have this publication of the poem as he ans type will be able t both see  and hear me read it to him.


IMG_5413  my forthcoming poem directly responds to something he said  about an upcoming event at his Club in Manhattan: Prepare to Be Rocked! my poem merely expresses the degree of my preparation for I am always available to rock with him as I hope poem proves.


Another shot  of me in his  hat:




I Love MY hat!


I can’t resist sharing here  two of my  favorite photos of him, yes; I am 65 and hero 71, but I find him incredibly sexy.

Bob Holman Howl
The man I Love



Bob Holman smiling

We rock with Real Love every time we Rock and I am prepared for Real Love with him:



and  of course, I started  preparing with Michael Jackson, “Rock With You“, H:








Poem accepted: Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen


It is my distinct honor to reveal that another Shawsheen poem has been accepted for publication, a poem that is indeed a collaboration with my Thing, and that is what makes this poem even more  more special than most. “Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen


A while ago, my Thing wrote somewhere, “Prepare to be Rocked” , and so I prepared by writing several poems, and then when it came time for my new Shawsheen Collection, I revisited this notion of preparedness and decided to explore what ,if anything, I am still ready for, and  I realized I was even more ready to be rocked in Shawsheen and everywhere, including his arms. Hence the poem:
Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen“, a poem that will enjoy publication in South Florida Poetry Journal.  May 2019.  Look for it.  I certainly will.


My Thing himself can tell you much about the power of poetry; believe me, he knows very well; in fact the only thing between us on that bridge was the power of poetry to meld us together. He knows quite a bit about melding 

me and my Thingdom
Me and my Thingdom

Another plus, I am recording his poem, so I will really be reading it to him, and to anyone else who listens.   Now since I will be seen on tape, my iPhone recording me reading his poem to him, I am having my hair done  on Friday, (at  by the way) so that I can get my pretty back, on Friday, y’all


Penthouse hair Design Business card -- Pat Freeman


He didn’t say it was gone; I did.




How I look right now.




No man anywhere wears a hat as he does!

He is 71 now, and I am 65.



AND me in his hat, a gift I  cherish



Mr in Bob's hat

and another photo of me in my Thing’s hat:



we are two Things in Love:

Thylias Moss with BOB HOLMAN




Two Things who rock!