Progress; much progress.

First of all, it gives  me much pleasure to announce that “SHAWSHEEN MILKWEED ETERNAL ONE-TAKE HARVEST” a poem from this collection, yes, a poem for and about my thing as listed on the cover, Mr. Bob Holman, is going to be published in Vassar Literary Review! this poem was written to him, in text messages,


–and Vassar has also requested high resolution versions of my graphic poems. I hope to be able to send these very soon!


I and Limited Fork Theory  have a very special relationship with Vassar College 

on account of my  giving the Elizabeth Bishop lecture there in 2009, a triumph of Limited Fork Theory to be dedicated to the visit and I made  a whole website  the entire Vassar Community’s receptiveness to it, how moving the vent was and a triumph to what can happen when we are willing to approach art with fear:

The MidHudson Taffy Company“. my son was there to see the entire event unfold!




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