Poem accepted: Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen


It is my distinct honor to reveal that another Shawsheen poem has been accepted for publication, a poem that is indeed a collaboration with my Thing, and that is what makes this poem even more  more special than most. “Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen


A while ago, my Thing wrote somewhere, “Prepare to be Rocked” , and so I prepared by writing several poems, and then when it came time for my new Shawsheen Collection, I revisited this notion of preparedness and decided to explore what ,if anything, I am still ready for, and  I realized I was even more ready to be rocked in Shawsheen and everywhere, including his arms. Hence the poem:
Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen“, a poem that will enjoy publication in South Florida Poetry Journal.  May 2019.  Look for it.  I certainly will.


My Thing himself can tell you much about the power of poetry; believe me, he knows very well; in fact the only thing between us on that bridge was the power of poetry to meld us together. He knows quite a bit about melding 

me and my Thingdom
Me and my Thingdom

Another plus, I am recording his poem, so I will really be reading it to him, and to anyone else who listens.   Now since I will be seen on tape, my iPhone recording me reading his poem to him, I am having my hair done  on Friday, (at  by the way) so that I can get my pretty back, on Friday, y’all


Penthouse hair Design Business card -- Pat Freeman


He didn’t say it was gone; I did.




How I look right now.




No man anywhere wears a hat as he does!

He is 71 now, and I am 65.



AND me in his hat, a gift I  cherish



Mr in Bob's hat

and another photo of me in my Thing’s hat:



we are two Things in Love:

Thylias Moss with BOB HOLMAN




Two Things who rock!


Poems submitted to an anthology about Kissing

I am pleased to announce that I have just submitted Thing,: three

POEMS TO AN ANTHOLOGY  ABOUT KISSING— Indeed, all three of the poems are about Kissing my Thing when I was 60 and he was 66.


me and my Thingdom
Me and my Thingdom

Title of my submission: “

Intimacy in a Taxi of  Toluca Evolution 


the perfect song!