Significant publication

Happy to announce that has really helped my love life have more meaning, but a poem much meaning,”Ready to be Rocked in Shawsheen”


(soon to be in my next collection of poetry: Shawsheen Memorial Broom  Society 

(cover design by artist Selwyn Rodda)

Shawsheen Memorial Broom society.jpg

has been published, here is the content of that poem:


Thylias Moss & Bob Holman    
Ready to be Rocked  (in Shawsheen) Thylias Moss & Bob Holman

Ready to be Rocked  (in Shawsheen)

I am always ready to be rocked, always prepared
and have been ready, at least, since my mother was pregnant and
I rocked with each step she took, movement
of amniotic fluid my first

swimming lessons

And then my father walked with me the moment I was born, Mt. Sinai corridors and the sound of
his footsteps, rhythms of that

recognized first time I heard Michael Jackson’s Rock with Me, so I did
and I am still dancing  and

prepared to rock with his music and you

those Rock’em Sock-em robots rocking each other, rock a bye Dream Baby, rock
a by bye bye but that dawn chorus waking me to your existence, all night in your arms

for the rest of my life,  that last dance with you is rocking  its way

and I am prepared to shimmy my way permanently

into your life where you are ready to welcome me with open arms as they always are don’t forget

I know rocking  you quite well

While you are with me

while I become that earthquake I was in 1993,

preparing then for what I wanted to be:  new kind of earthquake rocking the world of you, the
whole earth of you, my baby in a cradle you all the while naming me:  your rescuer and lover
your Dream Baby; I am prepared to be rocked like that, my whole world as long as I rock with
you. Don’t you

worry ’bout a thing’

in this downing Love Supreme

most certainly I  am prepared, just as all of my ancestors are
leading to me rocking with you

even our shadows rock, their sleek gray presence emblazoned on every world still standing and
that falling rocks build themselves into monuments of me rocking with you, on repeat, repeating

—such sustenance—

even those falling rock zones all the way to Cowan, Tennessee.  Sometimes
we had to pull over, unless we were to be pummeled by what fell from the sky
with concerns to what any of us dreamed.  I didn’t live in Tennessee,

but some of my ancestors did, some born there but one of my paternal ancestors immigrated
from many locations, rocking from Uttar Pradesh, rocks fell all the time, eruptions you know,


center of the earth: centering with you, rocking all the way

some locations unknown to build those railroads that rocked train cars on their way to and from
Saskatchewan, rocking the cargo until it had to catch its dream of breath those babies that hung
​from the ceiling you often are for me; I am as ready to rock with you as I have been for years.

dancing into daylight,

prepared for all of this

right now.

Rock on this first draft of many more days of rocking
with you  under covers, baby dreams becoming all they can.

I will not

leave you, H; you will not rock


Thylias Moss is 65, has had 14 books published and has won some significant awards, including a MacArthur Genius Grant and two nominations for The National Book Critics Circle award, but she is most proud of Falling in Love with the man, a Spoken Word Artist,  Mr. Bob Holman, who the poem is about. Love is not just for the young.  Forthcoming  is a collection of Poetry Shawsheen Memorial Broom Society in which Mr. Bob Holman, is the Primary Collaborator, and other collaborators are her son and her stuffed animal mammoth.

Bob Holman’s  poetry has traversed genres, styles, and media since the 1970’s, when he began Directing Poets Theater Productions by Mayakovsky, Artaud, O’Hara and Others at St. Marks Church.  He is 71 and has published 16 books including Sing This One Back to Me.  Catch him at his Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan. He is also a primary Collaborator in the collection of poetry, Shawsheen Memorial Broom Society by Thylias Moss, a collection that perhaps this promoter will also promote.

and here is the link: <>


and here’s a link to me reading the poem to my man:

Thingdom Reigns
My primary collaborator and I Love him very much.  Since 2014.


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