New Publication

Many of you may know that I Love my primary Collaborator,Mr. Bob Holman,

but you have no ides how much I love this man, and Always will.


IMG_5321Well,  the exciting news is that  poem I wrote for him in response to an announcement he made in his role as a promoter, my poem: “Ready to Be Rocked in Shawsheenis soon be published in South Florida Poetry Journal


I am especially glad to have this publication of the poem as he ans type will be able t both see  and hear me read it to him.


IMG_5413  my forthcoming poem directly responds to something he said  about an upcoming event at his Club in Manhattan: Prepare to Be Rocked! my poem merely expresses the degree of my preparation for I am always available to rock with him as I hope poem proves.


Another shot  of me in his  hat:




I Love MY hat!


I can’t resist sharing here  two of my  favorite photos of him, yes; I am 65 and hero 71, but I find him incredibly sexy.

Bob Holman Howl
The man I Love



Bob Holman smiling

We rock with Real Love every time we Rock and I am prepared for Real Love with him:



and  of course, I started  preparing with Michael Jackson, “Rock With You“, H:








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