Joy of My Thing’s Philtrum!

Today, I want to share more joy of my Thing’s Philtrum, publication of another poem in my forthcoming collection of  poetry, Shawsheen Memorial Broom SocietyFOR PUBLISHER Selwn Rodda SHAWSHEEN cover art TEXT 01 The poem “Shawsheen Philtrum Temptation” (Is it ever!)

has just been published in Jacar



The way you stand there 

You are nothing but temptation, even

Your philtrum reaching your upper lip, pulling 

it upwards on the left, slight rise I also

Love, mouth wink, your hair is grayer than this,

So white I would imagine those snows around

Uncle T’s cabin, you have also called me T, I even told 

You how to pronounce my name; you wanted to be sure, 

You were pronouncing it correctly, thereafter typing it

So that I could see that you were saying it correctly 

In your mind where it really counts 

And I know that I have spoken, well written, Love more

Than any sacred book allows, wasn’t difficult considering

What I feel, one Kiss filling your philtrum and dripping 

Sweetest tallow ever, landing drop by luscious drop

At your feet then begins to climb you, sweet wines also red 

Arteries like string candy licorice, sugar extractions into

A kind of glass, a climb my hands and mouth make, sugar casing 

Sweeter each centimeter of you, toes to top of your head, sugar chrysalis 

That you are also all in, such wrapping even  more inviting than philtrum

I remember those “Eat-It-All” cones, but never one six-feet-tall, but

Here it is before me, so I follow the embossed directions and Eat all

Of You: Sunday Phitrum Brunch.


Now as many of you know, I am so in love with this man, and my bookshelves are so much like his: my bookshelvesUncanny isn’t it?  Even didgeridoos!


Next month I will be 65, and still in Love for the first time in my life, and I have enjoyed every moment I have known him, 30 years. He, my Thing, will be 71 in March.


And his Philtrum is no doubt one of the sexiest features of him.  I know,  for I have tasted his philtrum. Delicious I must say, like the rest of him. There is no part of him that isn’t tasty 


Me, wearing my Thing’s hatMr in Bob's hat


I love this hat because it’s his.


Me now: january philtrum temp-12


Yes, I am aging, and as you can see, I wear no make-up; I want to be 100% natural for him with my multiracial self.  All my hair is rooted in my scalp! No weave no wig, no extensions for I don’t need them.  My Thing never has to worry about my hair coming off.

And I have never been on a diet, no need for that either!

Aren’t we the couple?

me and my Thingdom
Me and my Thingdom

 The Joy of this Thingdom as expressed by Blackstreet:


Joy by Blackstreet:





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