Conceptual banana poams

Read the Shawsheen Memorial Broom Society poem If You see Something, Say Something in Shawsheen, a collaboration with my Thing 


Here is the text of that poem:


–in response to the poem: “If you See something, Say Something (in Shawsheen), a collaboration with my Thing, Mr. Bob Holman 


“If You See Something, Say Something” (in Shawsheen)



white shadow

crescent moon

Wax (ing)

Wax banana

Wax grapes, apples

in bowls

On my mother’s dining room table


kitchen sink

I see this also

my father washing dishes

scalding water

his skin

down the drain

plates clean, heavenly,

full of banana water spots

we eat the shadows.

two of which

are my father’s

diseased lungs

yet I float on clouds

into such a clean, pure kingdom

that nothing else matters

just a banana which I eat the moment I arrive.


in suds.





IMG_8137The source poem, brilliant I think, and not just because my Thing wrote it.

On the flight back to Detroit from Manhattan for the Strand BookstorePushcart Prize reading, a pushcart Prize I won for the poem, “Blue Coming” that was published in Abstract magazine here. an there you can hear me read the poem a collaboration with my Thing.  in response to his poem, “What You Can’t Know is That poetry is Connected to the Body Again” me and my Thingdom

We are two poets, by the way.

Pushcart Prize Strand Bookstore reading


Strand Pushcart Prize ReadingIMG_8137If You See Something in Shawsheen, Say SomethingConceptual banana poem-017.jpgConceptual banana poem-013.jpgConceptual banana poem-018.jpgConceptual banana poem-014.jpgConceptual banana poem-016.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-008.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-007.jpg.jpgIMG_0873 (1).jpgConceptual banana poem-019.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-009.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-010.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-005.jpg.jpgIMG_0874.jpgConceptual banana poem-015.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-011.jpg.jpgIMG_0873.jpgConceptual banana poem-006.jpg.jpgConceptual banana poem-012.jpg.jpg


WHILE ON THE flight back to Detroit from Manhattan where there as a sudden snowstorm, I was served a banana and made several conceptual banana poems thinking of the poem by my thing, “If You see Something say Something  a photo of his poem, and then the art I made with a banana peel, some of it visible above



I did see something And I did say something with a banana peel, and commitment to A poam that I like; indeed I was collaborating with his poem, tight on the Delta Jet, in plain view,  everyone on the plane could see me as I toyed with the peel,  


and if you like to know what I think about collaboration, read this essay: “

Fuckin’Muse: A Journey into Collaboration by Thylias Moss”

 Here is the cover fo the new book, still in search of a publisher, cover art and the into both by Selwyn Rodda  (my 14th book by the way)

cover of “Shawsheen Memorial Broom Society” AND  THE ARTIST Selwyn Rodda, WHO ALSO WRITE THE INTRO.”

You will see my collaborators listed:



My son, Mr. Ansted Moss:




Me and then me with My Thing, Mr. Bob Holman, most of these poems with written in Text messages to him. I am wearing my Thing’s  HAT IN THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT


and my stuffed animal, Laytial.  Lyrical was a gift from my son when a cranial aneurysm ruptured in July 2011.  Although 97% of people who experience this, die, I lived to love and try to be happy.  I will be 65 in February 2019, my Thing (Mr. Bob Holman) wi8ill be 71 in March 2019.  Ib think we look okay, and that I look fine beside him, and that we look wonderful together in the Thingdom.





Pushcart Prize book









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